Vettel: FP3 crash had no affect on qualifying result

Vettel: FP3 crash had no affect on qualifying result

Vettel: FP3 crash had no affect on qualifying result

The five-times world champion, now leading Bottas by 17 points, and Verstappen finished under investigation after they banged wheels into the chicane following the tunnel exit two laps from the end.

Lewis Hamilton takes pole position at the Monaco Grand Prix qualifying session on Saturday (May 25).

"The desire and the will to get this pole, it means so much to me". "Yes!" - and then scaled a fence in celebration after parking his vehicle.

"It's obviously a disappointing weekend for me, I think the speed was there and I was feeling good in the vehicle", said Bottas.

Hamilton: "We're going to lose this race Bono".

"If you look at their performance in the low-speed section of this (Barcelona) circuit, you would expect them to be very strong (in Monaco)", Red Bull boss Christian Horner said after Hamilton won in Spain 10 days ago. "Toto [Wolff, Mercedes boss] also felt the same way".

"I had to dig deeper than ever", he said.

The 20 drivers and dignitaries who normally stand to attention on the starting grid for the national anthem will be joined by a group of Lauda's contemporaries and peers each holding a red cap in tribute.

This weekend will also see the paddock mourn the loss of Formula One legend Niki Lauda who passed away this week with a number of teams paying their respects with black armbands and graphics on their cars.

"I thought that having to stop again I would be down at the back of the queue but ended up just losing out to Seb".

"I really was fighting with the spirit of Niki".

I always said Ross (Brawn) was the convincing element in me coming to the team because when I sat down with him he explained what the team was doing and the plan for Mercedes. All of these years, he's been my partner in crime, through all my negotiations and pushing for improvements on the auto, he was just such a racer. He was always asking what needs to be improved with the vehicle, if we said it's front suspension, downforce, or the engine, he'd say OK and he'd come to the factory and would be "giving them assholes" as he would say.

The last - and only time - the Monaco national anthem celebrated a home driver was when Monegasque driver Louis Chiron won in 1931.

"Obviously, we've had lots of success over the years, but I can't remember one being like this, especially after a hard week for the whole team and, personally, a hard weekend". It comes with time. We truly miss him and I have not driven on empty tyres since Shanghai 2007 when McLaren left me out. "I'm glad the weather was good and it probably wasn't too boring". I tried to hold it in.

"It's actually pretty weird because these are the same streets - I've said this story quite a lot of times - but it's the same streets I've taken on the bus going to school when I was five or six years old".

"Ultimately it was the wrong tyre", he admitted, a decision that had been in the hands of the team and which Hamilton had repeatedly criticised as the race went on and the pressure on him mounted. You need especially the front tyres for us didn't work today. I feel like a zombie - I keep looking at the pictures and find myself with tears in my eyes every half hour because he's not here anymore. "I'm grateful for it".

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