Win Complimentary Passes For Two To An Advance Screening of Disney's Aladdin

Win Complimentary Passes For Two To An Advance Screening of Disney's Aladdin

Win Complimentary Passes For Two To An Advance Screening of Disney's Aladdin

Will Smith had big Genie shoes to fill in the place of the late Robin Williams but he does so easily as his version of the character is just far enough removed from the original that it is completely his own, without going too off-book.

The standard version has a recognizable instrumental that's pretty in line with the original spirit of the song, but with Smith's personality sprinkled in throughout. "He chooses to become a prince but still feels that he will never be good enough".

The advance passes to watch "Aladdin" are available, so grab them while they last. What's old is new again - but not quite as good as you remembered it. Aladdin is...fine, but it has no real reason for being beyond, you know, capitalism. When Jafar betrays him, Aladdin manages to get the lamp back where he discovers it holds the Genie (Will Smith), who will grant him three wishes. Aladdin isn't flawless. It's a bit too long at 2 hours and 8 minutes, the opening sequence is puzzling, the soundtrack is full of autotune, and we couldn't really take Jafar serious as a legit villain, but it has a lot of the whimsy of the original.

But the question is impossible to ignore when the films themselves seem torn between recreating every magical moment you loved in the original, and trying to forge something genuinely new - and with few exceptions, the remakes rarely seem to measure up. Her Jasmine is clever, funny, and continually one step ahead of everyone around her, and she belts out original songs written specifically for this remake with an engrossing intensity. We live in another golden age of animation for young children that manages to have complex storylines, lovely visuals, and dynamic characters, and something like this underwritten adaptation of Aladdin doesn't really warrant the money it's about to make by trying to appeal to the nostalgia of my generation. Will is equally amusing, but he doesn't try to be Robin's Genie. The musical moments occasionally drop to the level of amateur stage production, as singing is also not among Massoud's talents despite his best efforts, and all that charisma can't really disguise how immobile Smith is when his face isn't zipping around on a big blue cartoon.

New father of four Alfonso Ribeiro reunited with mom-to-be Tatyana Ali at the Los Angeles premiere of Aladdin on Tuesday night, where their former costar Will Smith (who plays the Genie) was also on hand with his family.

Naomi Scott as Princess Jasmine.

Here is your chance to be a part of "a whole new world" and enjoy a magic carpet ride.

Throughout Aladdin, there's an unfortunate sense that the supposedly freeing abilities of computer effects serve as limitations to this fantastical story.

The new qualities in Aladdin that can't be found in its animated forebear mostly revolve around the use of CGI.

The Lion King will be released in theaters on July 19, 2019.

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