World Health Organization says burnout due to work is official medical diagnosis

Is work stressing you out? You may have an actual medical condition according to the World Health Organization

Is work stressing you out? You may have an actual medical condition according to the World Health Organization

A new decision from the WHO has recognized "gaming addiction" as a mental health disorder.

At the global health body's 72 annual World Health Assembly, which took place last week, the WHO's 194 members voted to ratify the eleventh iteration of its International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems (known as ICD-11).

The World Health Organization is bringing attention to the problem of work-related stress.

"Risk of abuse of a formalized new disorder that exclusively involves the behavior of playing video games-a stigmatized entertainment activity-can only expand the false-positive issues in psychiatry", the paper explains.

To be diagnosed with the disorder, the patients often exhibit these behaviors for at least 12 months albeit the period considered can be shortened if the symptoms are severe.

(AFP for Jakarta Post/ANN) - The World Health Organisation (WHO) has removed transgenderism from its list of mental disorders and activists welcome the move. The WHO notes that burnout is to be used specifically "in the occupational context" and that it "should not be applied to describe experiences in other areas of life".

The manual has also recognised video gaming addiction for the first time, listing it alongside gambling addictions and drugs such as cocaine.

ICD-11 states that gender "variant behaviour and preferences alone are not a basis" for assigning diagnoses related to sexual health.

According to the United Nations health agency, gender identity disorder is no longer classified as a mental disorder, NHK World Japan also reported.

Gaming industry organizations, naturally, have not all met WHO's new classification with applause.

The pro-LGBT organization welcomed the WHO's decision because it wants people, especially young people, who call themselves transgender to be able to receive medical assistance without feeling the stigma of mental illness.

Gaming disorder is characterized by the increased priority given to gaming that it overcomes health, hygiene, relationships, and continuation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences. We are concerned they reached their conclusion without the consensus of the academic community.

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