11th arrest made as authorities close in on David Ortiz shooting culprits

Rolfi Ferreira Cruz the accused gunman in the attempted murder of David Ortiz

Rolfi Ferreira Cruz the accused gunman in the attempted murder of David Ortiz

As of Tuesday, there have been 10 suspects detained in connection to the attack, and the Dominican authorities are looking for at least two others mentioned in the court documents obtained by the AP, including the man accused of paying the alleged hit men.

Yet another suspect, who is already in prison for unrelated crimes, allegedly contacted Perez to set up the hit and gave him Ortiz's picture to give to the hitmen. Also in custody is 25-year-old Rolfy Ferreyra Cruz, who authorities say confessed to being the one who shot Ortiz. The investigation has been fluid, but prosecutors held a press conference on Wednesday, sharing more information on the case.

It's been over a week since David Ortiz was shot in the back and sent to the floor and extreme pain as friends worked to get him to a Dominican Republic hospital.

The AP also reported that police said the man who coordinated the attack "was offered 400,000 Dominican pesos, or about $7,800", for his services. Similar to Ortiz, that victim ultimately survived a bullet wound to the back, while it's been alleged that Rivas-Clase conspired with another suspect to carry out the shooting.

On Tuesday, Ortiz's wife Tiffany said in a statement that Ortiz has been upgraded to "good" condition by doctors at Mass.

Police in the Dominican Republic have made an eleventh arrest in relation to an alleged murder-for-hire plot stemming from the recent non-fatal shooting of Major League Baseball legend David Ortiz.

Ortiz continues his recovery in a Boston hospital.

The newest arrest came as doctors at Massachusetts General Hospital upgraded Ortiz's condition from "guarded" to "good".

"We remain grateful to everyone who has helped David through this ordeal, both in the Dominican Republic and here in Boston", Tiffany Ortiz said in her statement.

Ortiz had to have "portions of his intestines, colon and his gallbladder" removed to stop internal bleeding, according to his assistant Leo Lopez.

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