76ers should be thankful Anthony Davis heading to Lakers

Master P Says Pelicans Won the Anthony Davis Deal with LA:

Lakers Rumors: 2020 NBA Finals, Jimmy Butler Free Agency, Space Jam 2 & Too Much For Anthony Davis?

Cool cool cool. Generally speaking, the world needs more of that. Because while the extra money is nice for Davis, this hurts LeBron's Lakers. That's where we come in to explain a complicated scenario in - we hope - as simple terms as possible.

Not to mention, Davis joining the Lakers could actually benefit the Sixers in a big way when it comes to convincing Jimmy Butler to return to the team to put Philadelphia in better position to remain a serious threat in the Eastern Conference. Everyone in and around the league was buzzing about the Los Angeles Lakers landing Anthony Davis in a blockbuster trade. With the current expected completion date, the Lakers will likely have approximately $24 million in cap space. As the Davis trade stands on Tuesday, general manager Rob Pelinka and his front office will have $23.8 million in cap room, not enough to sign a max-level player of any experience level. The trade can't be officially completed until June 6, the end of the moratorium period on player movement. If Davis waives that bonus for some reason, the Lakers will have roughly $27.8 million in salary cap space. They were willing to discuss young, talented players such as Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown and Marcus Smart, according to sources close to the negotiations. They would have to go very cheap for the rest of their roster, which also explains why they're trying to get into the draft with some second-round picks to help fill things out. Though a $4,063,953 check is nothing to sneeze at, tying up the Lakers' cap space has value with New Orleans getting so many future draft picks from Los Angeles. Davis' agent Rich Paul reportedly told the Celtics that Davis would not re-sign with them but that didn't halt their desire to pull off a trade.

Reggie Bullock is a necessity for the Los Angeles Lakers and he should undoubtedly be one of the first free agents that the team pursues after July 1.

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