unveils "Voice" blockchain-based social media platform

Coinbase Adds EOS to Its Crypto Education Rewards Program

Coinbase Adds EOS to Its Crypto Education Rewards Program stated that the platform will utilize the EOS blockchain to ensure transparency in operation, without any other algorithms running at the background or mechanisms that push unwanted content without the knowledge of user.

EOS developers have announced a new social media platform called Voice.

The company also noted that it will launch the Voice platform on the EOS Public Blockchain. has been awarded a trademark for MEOS, which some speculate could be the name of the platform - instead of Voice. CEO, Brendan Blumer, commented that the traditional social media platforms are created to use their users, indirectly taking a jibe at Facebook and the Cambridge Analytica debacle, which still haunts the world.

The new platform will encourage creation, sharing, discovery, and the promotion of content on social media through verified users, not bots and fake accounts. But right now, it's the platform, not the user, that reaps the reward. "Through a truly self-sustaining economy of ideas, users will directly benefit from their ideas and engagement on the platform". Today most of the networks that use the ESIO software are among some of the most used blockchain platforms in the world, with 70% of all blockchain activity attributed to it.

As per the report, recently joined the Coinbase Earn program, an educational offering by major crypto platform Coinbase. As CryptoGlobe reported, CTO Daniel Larimer has revealed on Telegram the company "will not sell data to advertisers" and "will not collect data like Facebook does".

With the addition of EOS to Coinbase's Earn roster, users will now be able to learn as well as earn cryptocurrencies at the same time. also aims to foster a robust blockchain ecosystem through developing and supporting projects built on EOSIO via its venture capital unit, EOS VC.

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