Canada guilty of decades-long 'race-based genocide' against indigenous people - inquiry

Canada guilty of decades-long 'race-based genocide' against indigenous people - inquiry

Canada guilty of decades-long 'race-based genocide' against indigenous people - inquiry

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has spoken up on the final inquiry into missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada.

"Earlier this morning the national inquiry formally presented their final report in which they found that the tragic violence that Indigenous women and girls have experienced amounts to genocide".

The recommendations, says Buller, should be implemented as "legal imperatives" because "this report is about deliberate race, identity and gender-based genocide".

Calling for "an absolute paradigm shift", the report makes recommendations for all sectors of society, but most relevant here are those about education and child welfare and those intended for ordinary Canadians.

Cheryl Maloney says we need to give a voice to Indigenous women, while the report calls for sweeping changes to the justice system, including stiffer penalties for men who abused their spouse or partner.

"This is an uncomfortable day for Canada but it is an essential day", Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who attended the ceremony, said, according to the Times.

"It should be paramount that it be an official language and recognized right across the country and right across the world for that matter", Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations (FSIN) Chief Bobby Cameron said on the issue.

The MMIWG report was formally released today.

The inquiry, which was beset by delays and staff resignations, heard testimony from 468 family members of missing or murdered women.

Trudeau, who was in Vancouver for the opening address of Women Deliver 2019, said that hatred is creeping in the public debate, with interest groups trying to roll back women's rights, while politicians are giving into the public pressure.

"Listening is not action", she said.

The report, the culmination of a three-year effort that was often beset by controversy, delays and personnel problems, documents what chief commissioner Marion Buller calls "important truths" - including that Canadian laws and institutions are themselves to blame for violating the human rights of Indigenous Peoples.

The conference was opened by a procession of indigenous men and women, clad in traditional clothing, some wearing red in memory of murdered and missing girls and women.

While the report says the colonists killed all Indigenous people, it insists the genocide specifically targeted women, girls and 2SLGBTQQIA (LGBT and transgender) people.

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police reported 1,181 cases of murdered or missing indigenous women and girls from 1980 to 2012.

The inquiry criticized "long-standing discrimination" against indigenous people and Canada's failure to protect them.

"There is a whole bunch of really problematic criminal activity as regards to indigenous women and girls and unaddressed for all of these decades", Pamela Palmater, Chair in Indigenous Governance, Ryerson university, told RT.

"Our people have been saying this for so long", she said.

The report is the result of an extensive inquiry commissioned by the Canadian government itself in 2016. In 2014, the RCMP released a national overview and pegged the number of cases from between 1980 and 2012 at almost 1,200.

More and more Indigenous women continue to go missing and be murdered, she said.

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