Dark Phoenix Director Compares Original Ending To Civil War

39;Dark Phoenix' closes latest 'X-Men' cycle

Dark Phoenix Director Compares Original Ending To Civil War

Jean Grey is a superhero who has lost control over her emotions. Instead, she evolves into something new and we see the bird outline of her phoenix form in the sky at the end of the film. Most of all, though, she's angry. If there's one common thread throughout the comics' different depictions of the Phoenix Force, it's that it's nearly always corrupts.

The X-Men are the founding fathers of the current era of superpowers and capes that now dominates theaters not just summers but year-round.

Click through the slideshow to see the ranking of X-Men movies... It is, like its 2006 counterpart "X-Men: The Last Stand", yet another example of a failure to tell a successful and engaging story using these characters - not to mention that the film has a startling lack of originality. The X-Men movie is said to be the last movie under the Fox banner before Marvel Studios announces its plan for the X-Men universe.

Speaking of the action, I did like most of the action and was especially pleased by Michael Fassbender's Magneto who had some really cool scenes.

Veteran X-Men producer Simon Kinberg makes his directorial debut with Dark Phoenix in addition to producing the film with Hutch Parker, Lauren Schuler Donner and Todd Hallowell. With the way they plan these things so far out, they could certainly start planting the seeds for the X-Men's integration into the MCU well before they actually make a new "X-Men" movie.

"Jean Grey could have lived to become a god".

As Simon Kinberg points out, the original ending of Dark Phoenix was going to be much more intimate and include only a small handful of characters.

To contrast, Alien threat Vuk (Jessica Chastain) is underwhelming, stilted instead of vicious.

The newer films gave us Sebastian Shaw (Kevin Bacon) and the Hellfire Club, Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) and his Sentinels, and even Apocalypse (Oscar Issac), but when it came time to do Phoenix and later, Dark Phoenix, the momentum had run dry, and fans were growing exhausted of the mutants. I think it invigorates the whole crew and cast. If you want to say a proper goodbye to this series of "X-Men" movies, you're better off spending your time on "Logan" again than "Dark Phoenix" for the first time.

It's a character study to end all character studies, a flawless send-off to this version of the Wolverine character that ties up the underlying story of the "X-Men" series in an equally cathartic way.

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