Do Lash Extensions Cause Pink Eye

Do Lash Extensions Cause Pink Eye

Do Lash Extensions Cause Pink Eye


Some women believe that applying chemical substances near their eyes can cause allergic reactions or irritation. They are partially right, but let’s have a look at this question in greater detail. Can lash extensions cause pink eye? Is it really dangerous? 


During the procedure, each extension is glued to the natural lash. When the natural lash falls out, it takes the extension with it. However, to achieve such a long-lasting effect, a high-quality adhesive should be used.

Normally, if pink eye occurs it is only because a lash maker uses a glue of poor quality. The modern beauty market is overloaded with a variety of options. Sometimes, it is really hard to make the right choice, especially when the budget is limited.

Unfortunately, not every lash artist understands the necessity of using materials of premium quality. Simply put, it is unwise to cut corners on safety. The majority of allergies are caused by low quality glue and solvent. Some cheap adhesives contain formaldehyde, which is the main ingredient causing allergic reactions. These reactions usually appear one or two days after the procedure.

Extensions can also trap dirt, and this can lead to serious infections. The main signs of infection include:

  • light sensitivity,
  • redness,
  • swollen eyes,
  • eye pain.

Besides, if a lash maker uses lash extensions of low quality, it may also cause some difficulties. Low-quality extensions can be a breeding ground for bacteria. When using premium quality mink lashes from Stacy Lash, you won’t face any of these issues.

Mink lashes from Stacy Lash are very light-weight. That’s why they are very comfortable to wear. They are made from soft and light fiber, which can naturally carry a nice curl. When it comes to fullness and thickness of the natural lashes, the use of mink extensions is a great idea.
If you use proven tools of excellent quality, it is possible to avoid all these issues. A good lash maker deals only with materials of excellent quality. They will never buy cheap items from an unknown dealer.
If you are currently searching for the best online store offering a broad selection of lash extension tools, welcome to Stacy Lash. It’s a tried-and-true online store that offers materials of only premium quality. Professional lash artists should be meticulous about their choice of lash extensions tools. Only this approach to work guarantees a top-quality result!



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