Drug lord Frank Lucas, who inspired American Gangster film, dies aged 88

The inspiration for Denzel Washington's drug-dealing mogul in the 2007 film American Gangster has died.

Because of the high demand for his heroin, called "Blue Magic", Lucas reportedly made $1 million a day, according to Contemporary Authors Online.

Celebrity news website TMZ reports that he is survived by seven children.

He was again arrested in 1984 and sentenced to an additional seven years in prison for drug trafficking. He later expanded from NY into Chicago, Miami, Detroit and Puerto Rico.

His origins with drugs came from his involvement with gangster Bumpy Johnson, whose mob boss actions inspired films in Hollywood as well, and even appeared in American Gangster, played by Clarence Williams III. When the DEA raided his Jersey home in 1975, they discovered over $584,000 in cash.

He was convicted of federal and state drug violations and bagged a 70 years sentenced in prison. He claimed to have smuggled huge amounts of some of the purest heroin from Southeast Asia by hiding them in coffins of deceased USA soldiers coming from Vietnam, Rolling Stone reported.

As he got older, Lucas got into trouble again.

"Look, all you got to know is that I am sitting here talking to you right now", Lucas said in a 2000 interview with NY. He and his family entered a witness protection program after he ratted out others in the drug trade.

Arrested in 1975, he collaborated with the U.S. authorities and was paroled in 1981 despite a 70-year prison sentence. That same year Lucas had released a book titled Original Gangster.

In 2007 Denzel Washington's character in American Gangster was based on Lucas. Because: People like me.

'His wife has taken up his role by trying to sell two kilograms of cocaine in Puerto Rico with the goal of sending them to be sold on the New York City streets'.

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