E3 2019: What to expect from Microsoft, Nintendo, and EA

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E3 2019: What to expect from Microsoft, Nintendo, and EA

This year, Nintendo has previously revealed it would be focusing on 2019 games.

Microsoft will look get to get Sunday started with a bang with its annual Xbox conference. The competitions will be live-streamed in English via Nintendo of Europe's E3 2019 website. Microsoft has been on a buying spree recently, so we might see a little bit of what the company has coming from some of its new studios, even if those games aren't likely to come out for a while. And while unlikely, there's a chance Bethesda could offer a few more details on "The Elder Scrolls 6" or "Starfield". Because of the trailer that was released after four years of absence, The Final Fantasy VII will make an appearance on E3 2019. It is a truly exciting moment for the company as Don Mattrick's Xbox flubbed the launch of the last generation, but Phil Spencer, who is the chief of Xbox, has spent the intervening time building out new services and repairing the Microsoft's relationship with the broader gaming community. We're expecting much of the same for its press conference in 2019, ranging from hardware announcements to a full slate of games. We'll nearly certainly hear more about Project xCloud too, which is slated to begin testing this year. We'll probably see a Nintenndo Switch Lite later this summer, and a slightly more powerful Nintendo Switch Plus (or possibly a New Nintendo Switch, because Nintendo likes even more confusing names than Microsoft) for this holiday season or next year.

You can watch the press conference on Microsoft's YouTube and Twitch channels. The usual suspects of a new Halo and Gears of War will undoubtedly be showcased, and there are strong rumours of a Fable 4 debut. Heck, maybe we'll get a release date for Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo's next smartphone game, too. Hundreds of electronics manufacturers, game developers, and game publishers will descend upon Los Angeles to show off what's coming down the pipe in the coming year.

Interested in catching all the E3 2019 action?

Microsoft will kick off with their big press conference on Sunday, June 9 from 9 pm (GMT). Luckily for you, we'll be covering E3 2019 right here at SlashGear, so keep it here throughout the weekend and the beginning of next week for all the big news you need to know.

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