Gillibrand wallops de Blasio for president in latest poll

ATLANTA GA- JUNE 06 Former vice president and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden speaks to a crowd at a Democratic National Committee event at Flourish in Atlanta

Gillibrand wallops de Blasio for president in latest poll

Mr Biden won the backing of 24 per cent of voters polled by the Des Moines Register, three points lower than in March. Sanders, a Vermont senator, is the first choice for 16% of poll respondents, while Warren, a MA senator, and Buttigieg, mayor of South Bend, Indiana, are at 15% and 14% respectively.

A new survey finds that Iowa voters, who in a few months will decide the victor of America's first major contest for the Democratic presidential nomination, think there are too many candidates in the race. Whether that is true, many ardent Democrats might very well choose to support Biden anyway, over someone such as Warren or Sanders, either of whom has a stronger left-wing reputation.

Candidates who round out the top five include Sanders, who received 341 mentions; California Sen.

Biden is no sure thing to become the Democratic presidential nominee, but he has consistently led 22 other Democratic presidential contenders in national surveys a half year ahead of the first party contests to eventually pick Trump's opponent.

The latest New Hampshire poll, with less detail than the new Iowa one, was conducted in late May.

Only 29 percent of voters said they would re-elect Trump, while 68 percent said they preferred "someone else". "We are where we are because normal broke".

Because of the nature of a caucus, the attendees tend to be more liberal at Democratic caucus gatherings, and attendees tend to be more conservative at Republican caucus gatherings.

Biden is scheduled to return to Iowa on Tuesday, the same day that Trump is scheduled to campaign in western Iowa, setting up the direct comparison between the two that Biden has sought to emphasize. Biden, attending his granddaughter's graduation, is not among them.

While Mr Biden had awkwardly reversed positions this past week on abortion policy, a Democratic priority, few of his chief critics took aim.

Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren avoided the abortion funding debate and instead outlined her hidden criticism of Biden through a focus on removing moneyed interests from politics. Kamala Harris' supporters had glow sticks; Sen.

"I'm not spending my time with high-dollar donors and with corporate lobbyists", Warren said.

Avenatti also tweeted the line in 2018, saying, "We must fight fire with fire and we must send a message that we will fight to make America America again".

Joe Biden plans to call out President Trump as an "existential threat" to the United States, according to prepared remarks shared with CBS News. "They've seen plenty of candidates at this point", Jaffe said.

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