Google Maps to now get live updates for bus, train rides

Another Waze feature added to Google Maps can save you from getting pulled over

Google Maps to now get live updates for bus, train rides

With the new features, the users will be able to check bus travel time from live traffic across ten cities in India, get real-time train status for long routes and see a new commute suggestion that shows auto-rickshaw and public transport. Google Maps will automatically feature a "crisis notification card" if you are using Google Maps and happen to be near an area where a hurricane, earthquake, or flood will impact (or has caused damage already).

Google Maps has unveiled multiple new features such as an on-screen speedometer and special navigation features through natural disasters.

Google Maps is making updates to "SOS alerts".

On June 6, Google announced that it's improving SOS alerts by adding detailed visualizations for hurricanes, earthquakes, and floods to Google Maps. This is known as a "hurricane forecast cone"-just like the ones you see on television weather forecasts". This is a visualization that reveals the earthquake's epicenter and magnitude. This cone will show the predicted trajectory of the hurricane along with information about what date and times it is predicted to hit local areas.

In the aftermath of an natural disaster, a shakemap will display its epicenter and its magnitude, while color coding will detail the intensity of the shaking in surrounding areas. Besides this, you should also be able to see the current location of the train based on the last station it departed from and at what time.

Flood maps will only be available in India where 20 percent of flood fatalities occur worldwide.

The company is preparing to launch a natural disaster aide to show users where an event like a hurricane or quake has happened, where the most severe damage is likely to be found and how to avoid it all. Since the feature is probably one of Google's gradual server-side changes, we can expect to see it in Google Maps sometime later this week. The app will then try to reroute you if Google's data or others in the area report road closures. Both of these will start showing up in the next few weeks on Android, iOS, and desktop and mobile web.

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