Google patents a foldable phone with multiple pages

Image Source LetsGoDigital

Image Source LetsGoDigital

The latest report suggests that the next Galaxy Fold is said to come with a bigger flexible display and can also get S Pen support as the Galaxy Note series. The Korean media did not disclose the specific configuration of Samsung's second foldable phone, but there are reports that this phone will come with a built-in screen fingerprint. Google filed a patent for one of those designs at the end of previous year with the World Intellectual Property Office, and the patent that was just published on Thursday describes a foldable smartphone that opens and closes like a book. Apart from the outward and inward folding phones, Samsung appears to be having other wide range of foldable phones for the future as well. At the end of past year, Google filed an application at the World intellectual property office (WIPO) on the patent of "foldable display device with multiple pages".

Coming back to the design trends in the smartphone market, Samsung seems to seriously believe that foldable phones are the answer to the challenge of falling sales volumes. It also features several components like a processor, battery, and camera on the rear part. They used to be known as the "flip phones".

Is foldable smartphone the answer to rekindling the interest among the user community? You can see how the idea will be implemented in the patent filed by Google.

Android ban on Huawei is applicable only on the new models of smartphones Huawei is going to make. Bottom line is that the device looks nearly identical to the one we've seen rendered these past couple of weeks. Interestingly, the Google Foldable Phone display panel can be found inside the device and displays the content on both sides. Now modular layers, which is a display, it is proposed to connect between them like pages in a book.

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