Google Play Store: Problematic Apps, Spotted Again

Google Play Store: Problematic Apps, Spotted Again

Google Play Store: Problematic Apps, Spotted Again

Back towards the end of April, you may recall, it came to light via a BuzzFeed investigation that Google was moving to ban one of the biggest Android app developers (DO Global) from the Google Play Store after several of its apps were caught committing ad fraud, among other concerns.

It was Google's attempt to focus on giving people a useful tool for traveling so they wouldn't have to use multiple applications or services, and it worked well, but apparently not well enough. Then Google does its thing.

Google is close down another of its app, after it emerged that the Google Trips app will close down in August.

Planning a trip to Tokyo soon? Aptoide's long-running legal battle with the search giant began way back in 2014 when it had filed its first European Union antitrust complaint against Google.

Google Trips is a travel application that combines all of a user's important information, such as flight details and hotel reservations, with tourist ideas - and there was even offline access too (handy for places where roaming is expensive). When this feature does pop up, finding it will be simple enough. Since Google has been introducing a lot of the app's features to existing popular Google apps and services like Search and Maps, users of Trips should be able to get much of the same functionality on those 2 applications/services alongside the web-based Google Travel offering.

This is also where you'll go for viewing any of your trip reservations as it will be available from Search right away, which means you'll only need to wait to view reservations in Maps and not just in general.

After Lookout reported what it found to Google, all of the apps were reportedly either yanked from the Play Store or updated with new versions that don't contain the plugin. How cool would it be if Trips pulled in those pinned locations into the app and highlighted relevant offers, or helped me plan a day of exploring with these in mind?

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