Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go will be live this Friday

Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go will be live this Friday

Harry Potter version of Pokemon Go will be live this Friday

It looks pretty fun in the same way that Pokemon Go was fun.

Pre-registration is available via the App Store, Google Play, and Galaxy Store for Apple, Android, and Samsung owners, respectively. So far, the official stance is that more regions will come "soon".

The new AR-infused title arrives this Friday, June 21 in the United States and UK. TechCrunch reports that Niantic plans to hold special events across the world, similar to Pokemon GO Fests, but with another theme that will fit Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

This is probably a good idea as there will no doubt be a lot of interest from fans waiting to try out the new AR experience.

The main aim will be neutralising "foundables" that appear around the world with the spells you have at your disposal.

Casting spells uses energy, so be sure to stop by Inns found in the Muggle world.

"For the first time you'll be able to step into a full 360-degree advanced AR immersive experience in places like Ollivander's Wand Shop", Niantic boasted.

"You imagine the characters and world coming to life around you".

According to Niantic, the game will eventually be released world, but the company has made a decision to go with a staged rollout, which is why Harry Potter: Wizards Unite will only be available in just two countries. "It's nearly like you can reach out and touch them".

"There are so many interesting features that work together-Traces, Spellcasting, Wizarding Challenges, Potions, Portkeys, and more, all built on top of the Niantic Real World Platform". The game is Niantic's follow-up to "Pokémon Go", which became a global phenomenon when it launched back in July 2016.

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