How to Set Google to Automatically Delete Your Search History

Google Auto-Delete Feature for Location History, Activity Data...

[Update: Now available] Google will let you auto-delete your location history and web activity

If you're a privacy enthusiast and are anxious that Google may be storing your location data (where you've been or where you're going next) and utilizing it to track you.

Users can enable this feature by navigating to your Google account's Activity Controls page, either on mobile or web, from which you can choose to "manage activity" on either your "Web & App Activity" or "Location History" pages. Of course, if you don't set it up, your data will be installed until the empire falls, or there's still the option to do it all manually as before.

You'll know by heading to your Google Account "Activity controls" page.

Perhaps as an attempt to avoid any future controversies, the company has proactively begun to offer its customers much more control over how their data is used - you can control what Google services are allowed to harvest your information or even delete stored data entirely. Another feature to do the same with web and app histories also appears to have launched. From here you can select to "Keep until I delete manually", "Keep for 18 months", or "Keep for 3 months". This new feature gives users the option to limit how long Google should store location data before it demands deletion.

Announcing that an auto-delete tool will be made available to users back in May, Google, in a blog post, has now confirmed that the feature is rolling out to Android and iOS.

It is now slightly easier to opt out of Google's panopticon, with the introduction of new controls from the search engine to automatically clear your data after a set period of time.

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