Huawei signed to build a 5G network in Russian Federation

Chinese President Xi Jinping and Russian President Vladimir Putin applaud as Huawei executive Guo Ping shakes hands with Alexei Kornya President and CEO of Russian mobile phone operator MTS

Huawei signed to build a 5G network in Russian Federation

The deal was agreed Thursday as Chinese President Xi Jinping was on a three-day state visit to Russian Federation.

MTS said the agreement would include developing 5G technologies and the rollout of a pilot 5G network in 2019-20.

Last month, the Trump administration banned United States companies from selling high-tech equipment to Huawei over suspicions it is spying for Beijing.

China said Thursday that it would soon release detailed information about a planned blacklist of "unreliable" companies and individuals as Beijing hits back in a trade war with Washington.

Chinese President Xi Jinping highlighted the Chinese government's strong support for the company, based in southern China's Shenzhen, by presiding over a signing ceremony in Moscow on Wednesday of a deal between Huawei and Russian telecom company MTS. In February previous year, it made the world's first 5G call and launched the first 5G terminal device.

The 5G is being tried in several places in China, including Tibet.

The technology is expected to bring new opportunities and buoy the growth of China's digital economy, Miao said, adding that it will accelerate the digital transformation of many industries, and will be more intensively used in sectors such as Industrial Internet and Internet of Vehicle.

The US is also warning allies, including Blighty, to block Huawei kit from their 5G networks, reiterating its well-peddled claims that the Chinese government could use the equipment for surveillance and to even incapacitate devices such as components of manufacturing plants. Huawei relies on licences for ARM's chip architecture designs of us origin in smartphone production.

Still, some countries including Australia and New Zealand have blocked Huawei from supplying equipment for 5G mobile networks.

"(We) believe that in the near future, China's 5G will lead the world", Huawei said on Weibo.

President Donald Trump has ordered tariffs of up to 25% on hundreds of billions of dollars' worth of Chinese exports and his administration is preparing to extend them to $300 billion more - nearly all items shipped to the USA from China.

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