Huawei starts inviting devs to publish their apps on AppGallery

OMG! Huawei Blocked From Installing Facebook Instagram & Whats App On New Smartphones

OMG! Huawei Blocked From Installing Facebook Instagram & Whats App On New Smartphones

Facebook suspends its work with Huawei, as its phones won't come with any of its apps pre-installed.

Consumers who now own existing Huawei smartphones with Facebook apps, however, will continue to be able to use and download app updates.

Huawei smartphones will no longer feature Facebook and its associated apps.

The global success of Google's Android smartphone operating system (OS) has pushed Huawei to brainstorm on how it should respond to the "threat" because dependence on the OS could render the company vulnerable to a U.S. ban. The question isn't whether these replacements will go over in China, but whether they will satisfy users outside of Huawei's home market where it sells 49% of its phones (according to Q1 stats). While Trump's executive order last month deeming Huawei a "critical national security threat" may have taken us by surprise, "HongMeng" work reportedly kicked off seven whole years ago in anticipation of such actions from the USA and in order to reduce reliance on Google. someday.

To incentivize developers, Huawei is promoting the fact that it has shipped over 350 million phones over the past year, all with direct access to AppGallery.

"Consumers can still install apps via the Google Play Store", he pointed out.

Vought has asked for restrictions on contractors and on federal loan and grant recipients to take effect 4 years from the passage of the National Defence Authorisation Act (NDAA), instead of the present 2 years, to give affected companies time to respond and give feedback.

Amid the USA trade restrictions placed on Huawei, the Chinese tech giant must find an alternative to the Google Play Store.

They also confirmed the Huawei equipment it now uses in its network infrastructure is in the process of being phased out.

With its advancements in the European and Asian market, recently, Huawei became the biggest revenue generator through its smartphone sales.

Huawei Technologies Co seems to be moving very fast to prepare for the launch of its self-developed operating system, as the Chinese tech giant has reportedly shipped 1 million smartphones with the software onboard for testing. Amid fears that Huawei devices and networking equipment contain a backdoor that can send intelligence to Beijing, Huawei was declared a threat to US national security as far back as 2012.

Then came the United States government placing Huawei and its affiliates on a trade blacklist that restricts the company from buying services and parts from USA companies without approval. According to XDA Developers, Huawei has started asking developers to make apps for its own AppGallery store.

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