Iran summons United Kingdom diplomat over tanker position

Persian Gulf Tensions

Iran summons United Kingdom diplomat over tanker position

In that case, the unmanned aircraft had arrived minutes earlier over the M/T Front Altair, which was on fire following what USA officials have attributed to a mine attack by the Iranian Republican Guard Corps. "We've done what we can to deter it", Pompeo said in a TV interview.

Gen Keane said he expected limited military operations such as escorts similar to those conducted by the USA in the late 1980s, when tension was also high with Iran.

Speaking in the Chinese capital after a meeting with Syria's foreign minister, Chinese State Councillor Wang Yi, the government's top diplomat, also called on Iran to remain in a nuclear accord with world powers.

The country's Atomic Energy Organization spokesman Behrouz Kamalvandi said Iran will stop complying unless signatories of the 2015 deal like the United Kingdom and France help it get around USA sanctions, reported The New York Times.

The U.S. military also accused the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps of trying to shoot down an American drone. "So far, it's been very minor", Trump told TIME.

The move was the country's latest signal that it will abandon the [nuclear agreement] unless other signatories help Iran circumvent economic sanctions imposed by President Trump.

Meanwhile, the reportedly ready to slap more sanctions Iran for financial violations.

Iran said on Monday it would soon breach limits on how much enriched uranium it can stockpile under the deal, which a White House National Security Council spokesman said amounted to "nuclear blackmail".

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo last week cited video evidence showing members of Iran's paramilitary Quds force retrieving an undetonated mine from the hull of the Japanese-owned Kokuka Courageous to eliminate traces of their involvement in the oil tanker attacks. "We are confident that we can take a set of actions that can restore deterrence which is our mission set".

He also defended the decision to make an emergency US arms sale to Saudi Arabia, bypassing Congressional approval. "Saudi Arabia has the right to defend itself". "The Iranians should understand very clearly that we will continue to take actions that deter Iran from engaging in this. kind of behaviour". Israel has been attacking Iranian shipments of rockets and other munitions to Hezbollah as they transit Syrian territory, but once the shipments reach Lebanese soil, they are relatively safe. Legislators also oppose providing military support to the Saudi campaign in Yemen, which has resulted in a humanitarian catastrophe. Mr Raab said the Labour leader was allowing "his anti-American prejudice to skew his moral compass and political judgment".

Iran would never resort to deception or covert operations, unlike what the "terrorist and deceptive" Americans -who have made the world insecure- and their regional and global cronies are doing, he added. "But MBS behavior is a game changer".

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