Men In Black: International brings nostalgia and fun

Chris Hemsworth with director F. Gary Gray and Tessa Thompson on the set of Men in Black International

Chris Hemsworth with director F. Gary Gray and Tessa Thompson on the set of Men in Black International

There's one big connection between global and the first two MIB films, though: the return of Frank the Pug, who, weirdly, wasn't in Men in Black 3. The latest addition in the series features Molly (Tessa Thompson) who finds the MIB headquarters in London, just like how Will Smith found the place in the 1997 release.

"Really I think it's just a continuation of the universe", she said during the film's NY premiere. The duo was last seen together in Avengers: Endgame. I got a little taste of that in Thor, but it's in full force here and it's just delightful.

"International" will take the No. 1 spot this weekend, but after grossing $10.4 million on Friday from 4,224 locations, the spinoff starring Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson is now projected to gross $26 million on its opening weekend, behind the $30 million projection set by Sony and the $35-40 million projected by analysts. For instance, the plotline shepherds a transition that sees the franchise go worldwide - from NY, to London, to Paris.

Men In Black: International is a worthy entry to the series and a decent retooling of this twenty-two year franchise.

Laurie MacDonald, the producer for the movie, explained to the audience what led to the creative team's decision to omit out agent J and K in the next film after Men In Black 3. Sure, for the previous hour Agents M and H have been pursued by these alien twins who are after the weapon, but they are just poorly-drawn-up characters who serve nothing more than a reason for a couple action scenes but are instantly forgettable. But I've seen bad reviews for films in the past and ended up liking them so I kept a pretty open mind. It's all very fast and seeing how that was treated so early in the film gave me apprehensions that that's how everything else was going to be handled. But this film, much like the character arc of H, remains clueless for most of its runtime and does not seem to take itself seriously. The film, which is also opening in most foreign markets, carries a $110 million price tag, co-financed by Hemisphere and Tencent. "I think that's what movies are created to do, is to make us more empathetic and compassionate towards the other, and we have never needed that more - certainly in American history, but I think in a global sphere".

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