O.J. Simpson may have finally joined Twitter

O.J. Simpson recorded his introduction to Twitter

O.J. Simpson may have finally joined Twitter

Oh, he also said he's "got a little gettin' even to do" - a statement probably best left unuttered by a man once accused - and acquitted! - of murder. You'll get to read all my thoughts and opinions on just about everything.

"This should be a lot of fun", he continued.

Shortly after his video, somebody chose to create a similar account that had people thinking he had just admitted to murder and trying to contact R. Kelly.

At the moment, the former American football player is following six accounts, including the official football account of University of California Athletics and the official National Football League Twitter feed. Simpson has finally joined social media.and he's apparently going to use it to settle some scores.

In a separate civil trial, he was found liable in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the victims' families.

His televised Trial Of The Century lasted almost a year and became a national obsession. "It never goes away". To the frustration of some, the account, which Simpson was sure to plug as the only "real" O.J. -despite the lack of blue-check- already has 134,000 followers.

But Simpson's post drew no shortage of doubters and cynics on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Simpson's authentic post racked up thousands of comments, many from users who appeared to find humor in Simpson's appearance on the platform. The charges stemmed from a 2007 incident in which Simpson led a group of men into a sports memorabilia store and held a merchandiser at gunpoint.

Subsequently convicted of robbery in Las Vegas, he served time in prison before being released in October 2017.

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