Pokemon Sword Shield release date leaked: Giant Pokemon, Raids, Legendary info revealed

New Pokemon Sword and Shield trailer reveals a tonne of new features including new Dynamax battle mode

'Pokémon Sword' and 'Shield' come to Nintendo Switch on November 15th

This morning's Pokemon Nintendo Direct revealed a new feature in the game, called Max Raid Battles, that seems very similar to the raiding mechanic in Pokemon GO. There are still some questions we have, such as whether random encounters are completely gone, as it appears, but we now have a much better understanding of Sword and Shield.

The latest Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct introduced several new characters and plot details. Before you cry "OP", remember that the Dynamax feature can only be once per battle, for three turns at that. Some Pokemon, on the other hand, will pursue you, so make sure that you're ready to fight before you approach wild Pokemon you see in the overworld.

Creatures still hide in tall grass but alert players with an exclamation point. Here's all the new Pokedex additions in Pokemon Sword and Pokemon Shield.

Almost every new major Pokemon game introduces a new feature to set it apart, and this one is no different.

In the past, Pokemon games have varied greatly.

If you're still high on the artistic triumph that was the live-action movie Pokemon: Detective Pikachu, then you may have forgotten that there's also a brand new exciting Pokemon video game coming later this year. Zacian and Zamazenta are both regal wolves, but Zacian has a sword in its mouth while Zamazenta has a shield for a beard. Pokemon Sword and Shield are out on November 15, 2019, and we're hoping that Nintendo will have more information for us at E3 2019 next week.

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