Target stores’ registers are down across the country

Target customers across the country are tweeting that the big box retailer is experiencing a nationwide computer malfunction that has caused numerous stores' registers to stop working on Saturday. "We will provide an update as soon as possible", the company said in a separate tweet.

Several shoppers in the store said they didn't know Target was having problems with the registers.

Customers - ranging from Wisconsin to NY to Florida - are taking to Twitter to report the mass outage and long checkout lines.

The company posted the statement on its Twitter and Facebook accounts just after 2 p.m. Saturday.

It's not clear how many outlets were affected, though various reports said stores across the United States were caught up in the chaos.

Back in June 2014, Target had a similar outage after computer issues affected their checkout system. Many on social media claim that Target employees say that the malfunction is chain-wide.

Target employees are working to service customers manually.

A Target employee was warning customers of the checkout trouble as they entered a San Francisco store early Saturday afternoon.

Louis Barnes, 18, had stopped in for sunglasses and a Father's Day card in Brentwood, Mo., when he noticed that the lines were abnormally long. Others, left the store empty-handed.

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