Tesla Pickup to Start Under $50000, Elon Musk Says

Image Credit Paul Fosse

Image Credit Paul Fosse

Days before Tesla announced its prices for the made-in-China Model 3, the EV maker was said to be considering pricing its flagship electric vehicle at between US$43,400 (300,000 Chinese yuan) and US$50,700 (350,000 yuan) before subsidies. "[The developers] have been helping us make it work". That, according to an interview with Tesla founder Elon Musk on the Ride the Lightning podcast, is real. It's a cool game.

One of the defining features of Tesla's cars is their huge dashboard screens, and now the company is adding a new game to those vast displays to keep you occupied while you're hanging around in the parking lot. "It's going to look pretty sci-fi", said Musk, who has also said it's like something out of the "Blade Runner" films. For this reason, the game will only work by plugging in a wired USB controller rather than allowing for controls directly on the touchscreen itself (or with the Tesla's steering-wheel buttons). The team at Tesla has been working on porting Unity onto their cars, and it seems they've succeeded with help from Cuphead developer Studio MDHR.

The one drawback is that because the cars weren't designed for this sort of thing-they're, you know, cars-they don't have the memory required to hold a whole bunch of games at once, or in the case of Cuphead, even the whole game: The Tesla version will only include Inkwell Isle One, Cuphead's first world.

"When Tesla reached out to us to bring Cuphead to their vehicles, we were thrilled!"

For very obvious reasons, games can only be played while the auto is in park. A number of Atari classics are already available, including Asteroids and Lunar Lander.

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