Trans Mountain expansion will benefit Saskatchewan farmers: professor

Oil and gas sector cautious as clock ticks down to Trans Mountain decisionMore

Oil and gas sector cautious as clock ticks down to Trans Mountain decisionMore

The federal government approved the controversial Trans Mountain pipeline expansion Tuesday following months of assessment and consultation with hundreds of Indigenous communities after construction was stopped by a Federal Court of Appeal ruling a year ago.

"We don't see these goals as irreconcilable, we see them as complimentary", Trudeau said about the decision in relation to his party's goals to combat climate change.

"We're confident now that our project will meet every standard, every regulation, every test and reflect the values and priorities and principles that we all care for as Canadians".

She said there remain hurdles for Trudeau's government to overcome and doubted his commitment, but said if construction can get underway, the project would be a boon to the region. The court said the government needed to do better, Trudeau noted.

The first resumption of work should begin in stretches between Jasper and Edmonton, and at the Burnaby terminal, site of the most determined protests against the project past year, said Anderson.

Calling it a "great day for BC, and a great day for Canada", Wilkinson said now's the time for the Horgan government "to get out of the way" and support this project.

"They are also bound by those contractual obligations, but above and beyond that, I believe they are emotionally and spiritually committed to the project, as well", Anderson said.

"We are very comfortable with the work that we have done, and also engaging Justice (Frank) Iacobucci for the advice and oversight necessary to ensure we are following all the necessary steps". The re-permitting is happening starting today.

In response to the federal government's decision to green-light the expansion, Hurley released a statement, saying in part: "As Mayor, my job is to protect the people of Burnaby. I want people in Alberta and people across the country to know that intent is real".

Speaking in favour of the project, BC Liberal Party leader Andrew Wilkinson said the pipeline decision "sends a clear message" to Horgan and the NDP "the time for obstruction is over".

The agency says Canada has been a leader on welcoming refugees, but worries that asylum seekers may become a punching bag issue during this fall's federal election.

Last August, the Federal Court of Appeal ripped up the original federal approval of the 590,000-barrel-per-day expansion, citing incomplete Indigenous consultations and a faulty environmental review.

In British Columbia, where the provincial government opposes the project, a protest against Trans Mountain took place in Vancouver on Tuesday and another is planned in Victoria on Saturday.

TC Pipelines (TSX:TRP)(NYSE:TRP), formerly TransCanada Corporation, had to cancel the Energy East pipeline when it no longer made business sense to move forward giving the increasing environmental demands that were being required of it.

And for all the risks it has taken on behalf of the Trans Mountain project, it has done nothing to dissuade critics in the oil patch from the belief that it secretly wishes it dead.

The government, after an initial environmental review, concluded that the Trans Mountain pipeline was needed to ease Canada's reliance on the U.S. market, boost local production and get a better price for its oil.

Washington state Gov. Jay Inslee called the Canadian government's decision "alarming and deeply disturbing", and said he stands with the Premier of British Columbia in opposing it.

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