Walmart’s new grocery home delivery service gives customers unique option

Walmart said it can now deliver groceries to your refrigerator even if you're not home

Walmart Walmart said it can now deliver groceries to your refrigerator even if you're not home

Walmart has already tested the service in New Jersey and it will soon be expanded to Kansas City, Pittsburgh and Vero Beach, Florida before rolling out to more areas.

Here's how the service works: Customers place a delivery order online, then choose the InHome delivery option and a date for the order to be delivered at checkout.

The retail giant just announced plans to launch their InHome service starting this fall, where employees will not only deliver groceries to customers after an online order, but bring them right inside the purchaser's home and put them away in their kitchen. But contrary to its initial testing, which outsourced deliveries to Deliv, InHome will use only Walmart staff dedicated specifically to that service. Walmart's employees will wear a camera when they enter customers' homes, allowing shoppers to watch the process live from their phones. It is Walmart's latest innovation in its grocery business, which makes up more than half of the company's annual sales. Its delivery service for Walmart will be based on a "hub and spoke" system, where Gatik's vehicles will transport packages from a large warehouse to a smaller pickup spot closer to customers. The retailer hasn't yet disclosed how much the delivery service will cost. Walmart now charges as much as $9.95 for home delivery, which it offers in more than 100 metro areas, with another 200 coming on board this year.

"Delivery associates are equipped with a wearable camera", the site reads.

Walmart didn't release information yet on the smart locks that would allow its employees into a house or garage.

Unattended fridge restocking is only part of the appeal, as Stein and Lore described it in a media briefing on Thursday.

Stein has been developing Walmart InHome in "stealth mode" under the code name Project Franklin since Walmart acquired his startup company - Wim Yogurt - in 2017 and folded it into Store No. 8 in 2017. But the service is not for groceries. Once inside, the delivery person will put away your groceries and let themselves out. Walmart declined to give specifics on the technology.

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