What happens to your iTunes library in macOS Catalina?

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What happens to your iTunes library in macOS Catalina?

You may have liked it, you may have hated it, either way it no longer matters: Apple's original digital music jukebox, iTunes, is dead. The thinking is that iTunes has become too bloated and doesn't make as much sense nowadays compared to past years, especially since iOS has separate apps for each of iTunes' main functions.

iPadOS supports external storage, Apple revealed on stage at WWDC 2019 on Monday, including external drives, USB drives, and SD cards. You can, for instance, pin widgets directly to your home screen. The support is now live under the developer beta as an AssistiveTouch accessibility feature and enables mouse connectivity over both USB and Bluetooth as confirmed by The Verge.

That said, Split View is significantly more capable than before, because Apple will allow apps to have multiple "instances".

Apple has launched a new third-party secure sign-in system that it hopes will offer its users better security than ever. Apple has purposed iOS for the "unique experiences designed for iPad".

If you don't mind spending thousands of dollars for a new computer, the new Mac Pro may be for you. Even Screen Time has been brought from iOS to macOS to obviously make users more productive.

That means that rather than renting movies and TV shows through iTunes on your Mac, you'll watch everything through the Apple TV app. Apple says that more than 100,000 iTunes shows and movies will be ported into the Apple TV app, and they will be available to rent or buy.

Apple plans to introduce macOS Catalina in the fall. The upcoming changes affect Mac users as the company moves to macOS Catalina this fall, which will feature three new apps to replace iTunes. Is this what Apple considers the extent of mouse support on its new iPad operating system? Another worthy mention goes to the three finger gestures for copying and pasting text into editing apps. The Document Scanner will let you create copies of your documents and place them wherever you want to store them on the iPad.

Apple's powerful desktop computer got a big redesign.

The basic Pro Display XDR comes with standard anti-glare coating, but users who want a special textured version to reduce glare will have to pay $6,000. Apps whose logins are done just by using a username and password won't be required to add the "Sign in with Apple" method. Images are also categorized to showcase significant events from the past day, month, or year. Moreover, you'll be able to install it without actual access to a developer account.

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