Wine Trade Between The US And Biggest Wine Exporters In The EU

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In bright sunshine outside the White House, Trump waved what he said was the text of an agreement Mexican and USA officials signed Friday to avert the application of tariffs on their exports to the United States.

Asylum is at the core of Trump's concerns about a surge in undocumented immigration because a large proportion of the people apprehended at the U.S.

Asked by VOA why - if there was such an agreement - Mexico is denying it, Trump replied: "I don't think they'll be denying it very long". "So the wineries come to me and they say - the California guys, they come to me: "Sir, we are paying a lot of money to put our products into France and you're letting" - meaning, this country is allowing this French wine which is great, we have great wine, too, allowing it to come in for nothing".

At the White House on Tuesday, Trump praised the agreement and called on congressional Democrats, who control the US House of Representatives, to also help address the waves of migrants seeking to cross the southern US border with Mexico.

The document contained references to a regional asylum plan, which appear to involve several Latin American countries - Brazil, Panama and Guatemala - processing migrants' asylum claims in order to stave off U.S. tariffs.

Mexico's ambassador to the U.S. predicted on Sunday that trade in agricultural goods "could increase dramatically" now that tariffs aren't going ahead and if the USMCA, the trilateral trade pact with the U.S., Mexico and Canada created to replace NAFTA, is ratified - but didn't cite a specific deal with Washington on farm purchases.

Under the deal, Mexico has agreed to bolster security on its southern border and expand its policy of taking back asylum-seekers as the United States processes their claims.

The US remains the biggest market for European Union wine producers while American wine only accounts for 16% of EU's wine imports. "I think he's nearly using this as a political message to reinforce his stance against China".

The Wine Institute claims that "high tariff rates constitute the single most restrictive barrier to USA wine exports", however, the French - known worldwide for their wine - do not import much American wine to begin with. "I just give you my word. You'll see. But in here is the agreement".

"It's not Mexico's, but it will go into effect when Mexico tells me it's okay to release", Trump said, adding that first Mexico has to ratify whatever agreement they've made.

The president refused to share details of what was on that piece of paper.

But Trump has repeatedly suggested there is another secret part of the deal that would require more of Mexico.

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said in Washington on June 7 that he was satisfied with the deal.

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