A heat wave will roast America this weekend

Forecast highs for Saturday from the National Weather Service

Forecast highs for Saturday from the National Weather Service

The National Weather Service is warning of a unsafe heat wave building in the central and eastern United States. Utility workers and USA officials are preparing to lessen the effects of the incoming burst of heat. The actual air temperature is expected to reach at least 95 for over half the population of the Lower 48 over the next several days.

An excessive heat warning from the National Weather Service in Wilmington takes effect today, and continues through Saturday night as forecasted heat index values are expected to reach in excess of 100 degrees in the days ahead.

Health professionals say prolonged exposure to heat and humidity will increase the risk of heat-related illnesses.

"Ceiling fans are economical and cost far less to use than air conditioners but use them only in occupied rooms because they work on the wind-chill effect to cool people". The campuswide emergency notification system, WolfAlert, is now available to faculty, staff, students and visitors through the On Campus app.

The National Weather Service (NWS) noted that 20 to 30 high temperature records could fall between the Rockies and the East Coast.

Heat index values are expected to be up to 110 with temperatures in the upper 90s to 105 degrees and dewpoints in the upper 60s to mid 70s.

In Washington, for example, lows of 80 degrees or higher have occurred 32 times since 2010, which is higher than the number of instances from 1872 through 2009.

Signs of a heat exhaustion may include sweating, dizziness, and fainting, while a heatstroke warning signs include sweating, spasms, and pain.

Inside the Beltway, the heat index may never fall below 85 to 90 degrees, even in overnight and predawn hours when it's typically coolest. "NEVER leave a child in a vehicle alone for ANY amount of time".

"Minimize the use of heat-generating appliances like dishwashers, stoves, washers and dryers during the warmest hours of the day".

"This kind of meltdown during a heat wave is UNACCEPTABLE", he tweeted.

"Limit strenuous outdoor activities, find shade and stay hydrated".

Early next week, a cold front will take an edge off the heat.

A few of the showers and storms could be on the stronger side both Sunday and Monday, but we are not expecting any widespread storms.

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