Amazon keeps your Alexa audio files even after your delete it

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That's not all. A coalition of children's advocacy organizations led by the Campaign for a Commercial-Free Childhood filed a complaint with the US Federal Trade Commission claiming that the Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition was retaining children's data even after parents deleted the voice recordings. It also began rolling out a pair of Alexa commands that allows you to delete voice recordings without using its website. Amazon's response to privacy allegations Amazon didn't directly accept the allegations but responded that there was a bug and Amazon has since fixed the issue.

"The inability to delete a transcript of an audio recording renders the option to delete the recording largely inconsequential and puts users' privacy at risk", said Coons in his letter. It also stores data to train its machine learning systems to better understand the variations of speech "based on region, dialect, context, environment, and the individual speaker, including their age".

However, the tech company says that some of the transcripts or date from the transcripts aren't removed. Amazon's Alexa There are various things that we used to do ourselves and sometime during the daily struggles we forget about the tasks needed to be done.

Besides, it was recently reported that Amazon Alexa will soon come to select models of Android TV. You'll see a list of all the requests you've made since setting up your Echo. This brings huge privacy issues, including the recent information that the "Remember" feature doesn't get deleted until you call the customer service and delete your entire profile.

Visit Amazon's Content and Devices page to erase all of your recordings at once.

We may still retain other records of interactions with Alexa, including those that Alexa took in response to the client's request. Meaning that those precious intimate conversations that people somehow wanted to share with their Alexa device, could likely still be on the internet and ready to embarrass them even if they thought it was deleted from the all-knowing internet cloud for good.

The letter further states that Amazon is making sure users' data doesn't remain on Alexa's other storage systems. The inquiry followed a CNET report that Amazon retained transcripts, even after users deleted the data. Brian Huseman, Amazon's Vice President of public policy, says in their response letter that they keep these recordings "indefinitely" and will only remove them if it's manually deleted by users. "[.] When a customer deletes a voice recording, we delete the transcripts associated with the customer's account of both of the customer's request and Alexa's response".

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