Amazon Prime Day: Tips For Landing The Best Deals

Prime Day Amazon’s made-up holiday can trick you into spending too much. Here are five ways to win the day

Amazon Prime Day: Tips For Landing The Best Deals

Retail observers are anxiously awaiting Prime Day (July 15-16) to get a better sense of how strong Amazon is right now.

The two-day sale has become one of the biggest shopping events of the year.

There are plenty of tips and tricks for getting the best Prime Day deal but you can't do any of that, or get of the Amazon Prime Day game deals, if you're not an Amazon Prime member.

Prime Day is for Prime Members. Some deals may be offered exclusively through those avenues. No matter what, you'll always end up with packages filled with products you bought on a Lightning Deal at3 3am, but didn't need them in the first place.

"The event's role in driving further Prime adoption is almost as important as the financial impact, as we view Prime as the biggest driver of Amazon's [worldwide] GMV longer term, which we estimate rising from $344 billion in 2019 to ~$713 billion in 2024", Blackledge said in a note on Wednesday. To get the deal, use the discount code "PISTACHIO" at checkout.

Not only will a wishlist help you prioritize your shopping on the big day, but it can also alert you of deals as they go live.

That's 12 hours longer than last year's already extended 36-hour Prime Day, during which Amazon sold more than 100 million products in 17 countries. Amazon represented a whopping 49.1% of US retail sales in 2018, per eMarketer.

When Does Prime Day 2019 Start: 2:59 AM eastern Monday, July 15th. Coresight is predicting 62% of Prime Day revenue will come from the U.S. Prime Day will run in 18 countries this year, with the United Arab Emirates being a new addition.

Now let's take a look at some super-cheap Prime Day deals you might not know about. The odds are good that you will find a deal. It includes deals on several categories including electronics, home goods, apparel and sporting goods. Holders of Nordstrom membership cards will have early access to the deals. Before you make a purchase, make sure you compare prices on other online marketplaces.

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