Amazon wins Prime Day - Ecommerce

Reports: Amazon wins Prime Day - Ecommerce

Amazon wins Prime Day - Ecommerce

Amazon's data on Prime Day rhymes with what Adobe Analytics found. Adobe's biggest takeaway is that Prime Day also served as a sales booster for large retailers.

Have a look at some of the best "Prime Day" deals in the Walmart The Big Save event, including discounts on televisions, consoles, PCs, gaming laptops, gadgets, and more.

The second day of Prime Day saw U.S. online sales jump 72% for large retailers with more than $1 billion in annual revenue compared to an average Tuesday.

The omnichannel retailer, which does not disclose specific revenue figures from the event, claims Prime members worldwide saved more than $1 billion in purchases, and millions of items were shipped in one day or less.

Nearly 18,000 fulfillment workers joined a private Facebook group to gripe about long Prime Day shifts.

Unfortunately, this bombastic new Prime Day deal only applies if you've never watched anything on Prime Video before.

Unlike previous year, niche retailers (which Adobe defines as those with less than $5 million in annual revenue) also got a Prime Day boost, with sales up 30% on Monday and 25% on Tuesday.

The sun has set on Prime Day 2019, marking the end of a 48-hour shopping event akin to the Olympics for online shoppers.

The consumer email experience played a role, as delivery of an "excellent" email experience brought a 52% lift in revenue over the two-day period, according to Adobe. He said Prime Days and spinoff sales are still very new to the retail world and many small business owners can't afford to slash prices as much as box stores can. "These groups are conjuring misinformation to work in their favor, when in fact we already offer the things they purport to be their cause - industry leading pay, benefits, and a safe workplace for our employees". Dozens of other businesses held competing sales timed to Prime Day (some of which, like eBay's, are still ongoing).

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