Amazon Working on High-End Echo, Alexa Home Robot

Amazon Working on High-End Echo, Alexa Home Robot

Amazon Working on High-End Echo, Alexa Home Robot

The reports suggest prototypes for the next-gen Amazon Echo already exist, and are said to be wider than the current model due to the inclusion of at least four tweeters.

Amazon Echo Show 5, the latest addition to the Echo range of devices from Amazon, will start shipping on Prime Day - July 15 and 16 - in India and will be available at its lowest-ever price yet.

Those anonymous sources also have knowledge of Amazon's upcoming smart home robot as well.

The robot, reportedly codenamed Vesta, is purportedly being developed by Amazon Lab126 - a research facility based in Sunnyvale, California. The company's hardware foray keeps customers wedded to its ecosystem - buying products from and using services like Prime Video and Prime Music.

TIDAL is one such service which aimed to tackle the offering of higher fidelity tracks and music streaming, and while higher quality streaming music certainly has a niche consumer base it still doesn't have almost the amount of subscribers that Spotify, Play Music, or Apple Music have, so it's a wonder if Amazon will be able to pull off such a service in a more successful way.

Amazon's new Echo device could come in response to the growing competition from the likes of Google, Sonos One, Apple and more. However, in spite of Amazon's efforts to build the highest market share, Google is still taking lead with around 31% share. Amazon is said to be looking at launching a new Echo that will be larger than now smart speakers in the line. Amazon is additionally arranging a high-constancy variant of its music administration, as indicated by Music Business Worldwide that should work better with the new Echo. In fact, it's so popular that Amazon Music was recently credited with being the fastest growing streaming music service - largely on the strength of its Echo product line, which is configured to use Amazon Music out of the box, and the free tier of Amazon Music it launched in April 2019.

While many are used to having speakers in their home (that may or may not be recording everything you say), it's another affair entirely to invite a more humanoid robot into your home and have it follow you around.

The arrangement for Vesta was obviously to discharge it this year; however it's not yet very prepared for large scale manufacturing, as indicated by Bloomberg's sources. Two speakers that continue to do battle in an ever-increasing line-up of AI-powered smart home products.

Individuals acquainted with the task portray prototypes that explore with the assistance of a variety of PC vision cameras. It can be summoned by voice, though to what objective remains to be seen.

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