Android Q Beta 5 brings new pull-down gesture & Google Assistant animation

New animation for Google Assistant seen in Android Q beta 5

Android Q nerfs gesture navigation if you use a third-party launcher

Those who want to get their hands on this feature and other new ones, they can install Android Q beta in their eligible smartphones. Google is making it easier for users to navigate back.

"The Open Beta provides customers the chance to test, and provide input and suggestions, on experimental features not yet launched to the general public", Google stated in a public announcement. Google hasn't given a detailed description of exactly how this will work but likely users will be swiping inward on the screen from the bottom left or bottom right corners since dragging down from the top section of the display opens the notification panel.

Another change is the new Google Assistant animation whic looks neat. It should also allow for a more visually pleasing design.

Google introduced gesture navigation for the first time with Android 9 Pie but it used 2 buttons to navigate.

Basically, if you use a third party launcher in beta 5, you can not use gesture navigation. For apps using a navigation drawer, Beta 6 has also added a peek behavior when users grab the drawer to indicate that a swipe will bring in the navigation drawer. With the addition of the new gesture layout, the back swipe and the hamburger gesture conflicted with each other.

The drawer behavior is changing. One issue Google highlights is navigation problems that users have been having when they have a custom launcher installed. In practice, this means that you can switch to third-party options like Nova Launcher or the Microsoft Launcher while retaining the option of using traditional navigation buttons or the single pill gesture button.

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