Boeing 737 MAX unlikely to restart carrying passengers by 2020

Boeing 737 MAX unlikely to restart carrying passengers by 2020

Boeing 737 MAX unlikely to restart carrying passengers by 2020

Some analysts have said they do not expect the MAX jets to fly again before the end of the year. The aircraft is now expected to return to the air in January 2020, 12 months after the company proposed the initial replacement of software implicated in two deadly crashes, Xinhua news agency quoted US Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) officials and industry leaders as saying on Sunday. The airline has 24 737 Max jets, and according to CNBC, has 76 on order from Boeing. The new cancellation dates reflect a significant revision from an expected summer timeline presented as a conservative estimate.

American Airlines announced on Sunday a fourth extension of its flight cancellations as a result of a new flaw discovered last month in the now-infamous Boeing 737 MAX jets, which have been grounded worldwide since March.

The airline has frail spare planes to duvet flights that it deliberate to stride with the Max.

American Airlines had in April cut its annual profit forecast, blaming an estimated $350 million hit from the grounding of Boeing Co's MAX jets.

The FAA has said it is following a thorough process but has no timetable for when the recertification will be completed.

Boeing working to fix flight retain watch over software program that perceived to play a job in the crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia, in line with preliminary accident reports. So Boeing added a new flight control system called the Maneuvering Characteristics Augmentation System that can, in certain rare but risky situations, override pilots' controls and automatically tip the nose of the plane downward.

Boeing delivered almost 39 percent fewer aircraft in the first half of this year compared to the same period last year. In June, Federal Aviation Administrators found a new issue that would need fixed.

Earlier this month, American also became the first US airline forced to suspend an entire route-its nonstop service between Oakland and Dallas/Ft.

The move will see around 115 flights cancelled per day until November 2.

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