Box Office Report: "Spider-Man: Far From Home" Keeps Summer Afloat

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Sure, the Skrulls might be popularly viewed as villains in the Marvel Comic Universe, however, Marvel Studios somehow managed to dash fans hopes of having a Secret Invasion arc in the MCU after Captain Marvel turned the aliens into good guys. The Amazing Spider-Man was the previous record-holder for a Tuesday, bringing it $35 million when it opened on Tuesday, July 3, 2012.

The latest weekend box office numbers are in via Entertainment Weekly, and Sony's Spider-Man: Far From Home was easily No. 1 for the weekend. Homecoming and Far From Home are distributed by Sony Pictures.

"Far From Home" takes place immediately after the metaconclusion of all 22 films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and assumes you know what happened.

Its story line follows on from blockbuster "Avengers: Endgame" to focus on how Spider-Man (Tom Holland) confronts a world without Iron Man.

Vincent D'Onofrio would be interested although he considers it surprising, but another star of the small screen would also like to enter the film franchise. Far From Home, which opened overseas before landing in the United States, has grossed $580 million worldwide in 10 days of release.

In third, Universal's Beatles tribute Yesterday earned another US$10 million for a North American haul of US$36 million.

Though Far From Home fell short of the $117 million Friday to Sunday domestic opening of Homecoming, its unconventional on Tuesday opening paid off. (Endgame still narrowly trails Avatar, unadjusted for inflation, with $2.77 billion.) The strong performance of Far From Home, which cost approximately $160 million to produce, along with the sustained interest in holdovers like Toy Story 4, Yesterday, Annabelle Comes Home and Aladdin, helped the industry knock down the deficit compared with this time previous year about a percentage point.

In fifth was Disney's live-action remake of "Aladdin", taking in $7.5 million in its seventh week out.

Also opening this weekend was A24's Midsommar, director Ari Aster's sophomore feature.

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