Chris Paul Prefers Heat, Thunder Will Have To Trade Picks

Rockets Trade Chris Paul To Oklahoma City For Russell Westbrook, Draft Picks

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The Rockets found themselves looking at the rest of the Western Conference making moves and decided to make a BIG one on Thursday night, trading Chris Paul along with draft picks to the Oklahoma City Thunder for Russell Westbrook.

It looks like the noise about Chris Paul not being very liked extends further than just to people who have played alongside him.

Some players around the league laughed when union president Chris Paul and his massive contract got dealt to the rebuilding Thunder for Russell Westbrook. Why?

However, there are some factors to consider before a potential deal between LA and Paul could come to reality. He is owed $124 million over the next three seasons.

It marked the end of a chapter for Oklahoma City basketball, an 11-year era of remarkable success that lacked only an NBA title. But then again, it will all depend on how Paul likes to play for a contending team, and more importantly, how much is he willing to cut from his huge contract, Sporting News reported. In a one-person, one-vote union, the middle-class majority holds more power.

The other factor is Paul's attitude.

Along with not getting along with James Harden -Paul doesn't seem to have a big fan fare across the league with other players. In the past, Lakers veteran Rajon Rondo and former Laker sensation Brandon Ingram have had an ugly fight with Paul.

According to Martin, Paul's attitude has been an ongoing issue. "I hate to lose Chris Paul, but we felt like we did what we had to do to become a better team". Presti will keep searching for a workable trade that benefits the Thunder and Paul, but he's not going to simply do Paul a favor. "So I do think that these teams have a lot to talk about". There had been reports of disharmony between Paul and Houston throughout the offseason, too.

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