Eco-friendly gifts: a new trend

Eco-friendly gifts: a new trend

Eco-friendly gifts: a new trend


Why go for eco-friendly? People looking for presents for a special occasion can be easily divided into two categories: the ones that enjoy the process of finding the right gift and the ones that see it as a real challenge. Whichever type you are, going for the most universal solution is one of the best options. 


 An eco-friendly gift that is made entirely out of natural materials can easily become this solution. Whichever age group the lucky receiver belongs to, a 'green' gift is a perfect way to express how much you care about them, as well as complimenting their own environmental awareness and good taste.

UGears puzzle can easily become a beloved toy, a stylish office desk accessory or anything else as its functionality and genuine design have the potential to truly spark up the imagination of the person that gets it as a gift. 100% of natural materials are a vital part of UGears’ brand DNA. None of the company's wooden 3D puzzles require glue or tools at any stage of their assembly, which makes the process clean and enjoyable as the person can focus on connecting the nice-to-the-touch wooden pieces together with a pleasant clicking sound. 

All you have to do is to select a theme

The first step is to establish whether you are looking for a recreational or a functional gift. Eco-friendly wooden sets from UGears can be both. All sets are very much like jigsaw puzzles but with an added mechanical functionality. Some of the sets allow both children and adults to get a hands-on peek into the secret life of mechanisms that surround their everyday life, from a grandfather clock to a steam train engine. Other sets stand out due to their intricate design, which makes them look like an art piece. So you are getting the best of the two worlds, as a beautiful vintage car model on the bookshelf in your colleague's office can also be a fun and hands-on way to explain the basics of motion to your 10-year old cousin.

UGears sets come in a variety of themes to choose from, including technology, art, elegant storage solutions, board game accessories and much more. These 3D puzzles are a great way to treat your loved ones with a nature-friendly gift that will entertain all senses.



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