Electronic Arts to launch EA Access service for Playstation 4 in July

PS4 Shock Update Bad news for Xbox One as PlayStation's dominance is displayed again

PS4 Shock Update Bad news for Xbox One as PlayStation's dominance is displayed again

If you decide to sign up for a full year you really get a discount, as a one year subscription is only 29.99 - nearly a $30 savings.

So just what does the service get you? The membership will end up paying for its-self when you buy a new ES game. Signing up for the service on PS4 will grant users instant access to some of the most popular EA games out there.

10% Discount: Save on EA digital purchases on PS4, including full games, season passes, DLC and Ultimate Team content. Games like Battlefield 5 and Anthem had staggered release dates because of premium editions and EA Access subscribers as well as the "official" launch date users.

As for The Vault, once a game enters, the base game is fully playable. You'll also get a 10% discount on digital copies of EA games, season passes, DLC, and - for the Federation Internationale de Football Association fans - Ultimate Team content.

The future of consoles is becoming clearer and clearer this year, as Xbox revealed details on Project Scarlett at E3 in June, with Sony's Mark Cerny spilling the beans on PS5 hardware mere months earlier, and now the Wall Street Journal (thanks, VG247) has reported on a company strategy meeting in which Sony's Kenichiro Yoshida and others speak about Sony's strategy moving forwards. For nearly five years, EA Access has been available for Xbox One players but not for PlayStation 4 players. Priced the same as the Xbox One version, it will cost US$4.99/mth or $29.99/year. You'll have access to all games in the vault for as long as you are a subscriber. Sony proved how important it was to have a better price than your competitor when it came to the PlayStation 4 vs. the Xbox One.

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