Free Slurpee Event At 7-Eleven Canada On July 11, 2019

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From 11 7 p.m. customers are able to get a free slurpee.

If one free Slurpee wasn't enough, 7-Eleven is giving out even more free slushies to their 7Rewards members (joining the program is free).

If you're a regular, you can also double down with another free slurpee tomorrow (or anytime after today until August 10). We provide weekly newspapers serving Ocean and Monmouth Counties that are free every day, not just on 7/11.

The magical day when any person can walk into a 7-Eleven and get a free Slurpee is nearly here, and honestly, it's becoming just as exciting as Halloween or Christmas.

The chain is offering dollar deals on 7-Eleven Day on items like hot foods, hot dogs and fresh bakery goods.

7-Eleven Slurpee flavors can vary by location, but most have options like wild cherry, Coca-Cola, pina colada, and blue raspberry.

The company started the free Slurpee drink birthday tradition in 2002 on its 75th birthday.

Grab a classic flavor like Wild Cherry or Pina Colada, or try the new Blue Lemonade flavor. 7Rewards members will get an offer for a $1 Nashville Hot Chicken Tender. One free drink is allowed per customer.

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