Gina Miller preparing legal case to Stop Boris Johnson proroguing parliament

Hunt 'expects' Brexit by Christmas

Boris Johnson Says Brexit Deadline Must Not Be Seen as 'Phony'

Speaking about the prospect of prorogation of Parliament on Sky News" Sophy Ridge On Sunday, hosted by Niall Paterson, she said: "We think that it's beyond the Prime Minister's powers because Parliamentary sovereignty is actually the jewel in the constitutional crown and to bypass and to close the doors of parliament, we feel from the advice and the. case law we've looked at, that that would be beyond a prime minister's powers, it would be an abuse of his powers to close Parliament, to get through or to not get through, to limit the voice of the representatives that we all elect'.

"I actually think there's quite a difference between Parliament and the public", May said.

Mr Hunt has said that he believes he would be able to get a new deal with Brussels, but if that proved impossible, he would prepare for no deal on 31 October, making a judgment on the best course to follow at the end of September.

Asked if she's going to private accomplished more to persuade MPs to reduction her Brexit contend with the European Union - which they rejected three cases - she responded: "One might per chance repeatedly ogle support and narrate, "If I would sat down and talked to of us more on the complete".

"I'm not going to give you those commitments", Mr Hunt said in the BBC interview.

"It's because prime ministers should only make promises they know they can deliver".

Mrs May said she had wrongly assumed MPs would be "eager to get Brexit over the line".

Mr Johnson paused, before replying: "No".

Elsewhere, British Prime Minster Theresa May has said she will leave Number 10 with a mixture of pride and disappointment, as she admitted underestimating the "entrenched positions" in parliament over Brexit.

The businesswoman's lawyers have written to the probable next prime minister warning it would be "constitutionally unacceptable" and unlawful for him to lock MPs out of the Commons to stop them from blocking a no-deal outcome.

And she called for a more discipline in executive after years of leaks and political disagreements internal her cupboard: "Good executive depends on collective responsibility".

During the interview, Mrs May opened up about life in Downing Street and the emotional strains of the job, recalling the "chilling" moment she was told about the Manchester Arena bombing in 2017.

But Mrs May conceded she had made mistakes during the campaign, including not appearing in a TV debate with other party leaders, with the then Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, taking part instead.

She also hailed the progress made in tackling some of the "burning injustices" she highlighted in her first speech after becoming prime minister.

She talked about she hoped her critics and supporters alike would really feel that "in every thing I've accomplished, I've repeatedly accomplished what I believed to be within the national interest".

Members of her Conservative Party are voting on her successor, with the victor scheduled to be announced July 23.

May did not reveal whether she backs Jeremy Hunt or Boris Johnson as her replacement, saying only that "they understand the responsibility that this job brings".

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