Google updates Stadia FAQ to address local multiplayer, VR support

New Stadia Information And Multiplayer Support Got Disclosed By Google

Google updates Stadia FAQ to address local multiplayer, VR support

A large part of the appeal of Stadia is the ability to play your games on the go, picking up in an instant where you left off with on your TV. Google will, of course, be sending out a redemption code to the e-mail that the purchase was made with but there's also the option to redeem it with a different one.

According to Google, once a gamer buys a title on Stadia, it will continue to remain available for them even if it's withdrawn from the platform for new buyers. The pitch was simple: it wants to let people stream games to their television sets, PCs, tablets, and smartphones just like they do other forms of entertainment.

The new FAQ said that playing Stadia games via USB won't require the dedicated controller; any USB HID controller should work. "Outside of unexpected circumstances", the FAQ states, "Stadia will aim to maintain any previously bought title out there for gameplay".

We still have to wait for a while before we'll be able to get our hands on Google Stadia but the company has been peppering in answers to everyone's questions here and there in the meantime.

Take note that Stadia will only support mobile gameplay on a limited number of devices at launch, though, namely the Pixel 3 and Pixel 3a (3a, 3a XL, 3, 3XL) phones, as well as tablets running Chrome OS.

Multiple gaming will be allowed in the future and up to four Stadia controllers can be supported during local multiplayer gameplay. Users, however, will be able to purchase and manage content from any device running iOS 11 (or higher) or Android M (or higher). The company revealed most of the important information during E3 2019, but more information has arrived, courtesy of a Google Support page.

Google updated everyone about the Stadia Controller as well and mentioned that it uses Bluetooth Low Energy for the setup and connects to Wi-Fi when you start gaming. "At this time, we have no news to share regarding VR support on Stadia", the search giant said.

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