India wants credible action against terrorism by Pakistan

India denies PM Modi asked Trump to mediate in Kashmir conflict

India denies asking for Donald Trump's mediation in Kashmir

Nicholas Burns, @nicholasburns, the Harvard Kennedy School Professor and former American diplomat tweeted, "This is embarrassing, to say the least, for President Trump".

"Imran is a ruler, not a leader".

Donald Trump did acknowledge Pakistan's efforts and sacrifices made in Afghanistan.

India's Congress leader Shashi Tharoor has demanded prime minister Narendra Modi make a personal statement about US President Donald Trump's comments about Kashmir.

Without naming former rulers, the PM said he had asked the United States and other western countries to help Pakistan in getting back its looted wealth that the "thieves and robbers" had stashed overseas. "I call upon to never forget that we are to become a great nation".

But circumstances changed when Trump wrote a letter to Khan in December 2018 requesting Islamabad's help to bring the Afghan Taliban to the negotiating table. "Unfortunately, when things went wrong, where I blame my government, we did not tell the United States exactly the truth on the ground", the Pakistani PM said as quoted by news agency PTI.

Mr Pompeo looked forward to continued progress from Pakistan on shared security priorities, including defeating terrorist organizations, which he hoped would form the basis of a reinvigorated partnership, the statement added.

"I thought we moved on and frankly I think we should move on".

He, however, feared that environment of distrust in Washington with respect to Pakistan would continue and delivering the ceasefire in Afghanistan would be hard for Islamabad. "I just don't want to kill 10 million people", Trump said, seated beside Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan at the White House on Monday. The Indian foreign ministry right away denied making such claims.

The rekindled love between USA and Pakistan can only bring India trouble as questions about the methods incorporated by New Delhi could taint the image and impact that has been established. India has always eyed itself remaining in hegemony in South Asia and has tried to fortify its diplomatic and trade ties with the U.S. to overshadow Pakistan. Modi will also be holding a bilateral meeting with Trump at the time.

While there was no explicit denouncement of Trump, US state department also reiterated that Kashmir was a "bilateral" dispute. It seems that a settlement may materialize soon. We have a Doklam faceoff yet does anyone go haywire saying there are these two nuclear armed giants and there should be a mediator.

The initiative taken by Pakistan to willingly minimise and deter violence and chaos in the region with positive engagement with the Afghan government as well as the Taliban has peaked the United States interest in rekindling this relation.

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