Jessica Camilleri's Facebook posts days before she allegedly beheaded mother

Woman charged with murder over mother's fatal stabbing in Sydney's west

25yo woman arrested after mother brutally murdered in NSW

Social media posts from the Sydney woman accused of cutting off her mother's head and dropping it in a neighbours yard have revealed her attraction to a violent, bloody film series in the days before the alleged murder.

He would not confirm the decapitation reports but said a number of knives were used in the "horrific" attack on the older woman in St Clair on Saturday night.

Neighbours were confronted with a horrific sight as they rushed to Rita Camilleri's aid after overhearing a "violent argument" coming from her Sydney home.

Detective Superintendent McFadden said that neighbours had provided "specific information" to police about the alleged attack.

"There is no stepping away from the fact that this was horrific and a significant attack, and the injuries that the victim suffered were extensive", he said.

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation quoted him as saying: "We understand at this stage that a number of knives were used during the course of the incident".

"I am not able to specify what kind of knives they were at this stage".

The 25-year-old appeared in Parramatta Bail Court yesterday via video link and explained she had been injured when allegedly killing her mother.

The woman has been sent to hospital for medical assessment, Strait Times report. "They both reside at the home together", he said.

In bail court, Jessica Camilleri has been ordered to undergo a medical assessment at Nepean District Hospital and will be transported to the hospital from Amber Laurel Correctional Centre.

"I could not wash myself properly in the shower to get all the blood off because of my fingers".

Police Forensics pictured at the crime scene.

Det Supt McFadden described the police investigation as "very hard and challenging" and said it was still in its early stages.

"The family is distraught, this was unforeseen, we're aware of the family but where was no information this situation in the family home was likely to occur".

Police have seized a knife and a number of crime scenes have been set up inside and outside the home.

Dozens of police officers have been canvassing the scene.

Another neighbour said a child inside the house was crying as he was led out by police.

Strike Force Comeroy will investigate the circumstances surrounding the woman's death. Her best friend said she had been in and out of mental health hospitals and should never have been discharged.

During the short appearance Camilleri said her whole body was "in agony", and she listed a handful of mental health issues she suffered from.

The footpath outside the St Clair home.

The St Clair mother wrote to family friend Cory Rickard-Simms in a Facebook message that she had warned her daughter she would end up in a mental health hospital if she didn't stop trying to contact the man.

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