Man scales down the side of a building as it catches fire

Man Unleashes His Inner Spider-Man By Climbing Down Apartment Building to Escape a Fire

In true Spider-man style, man scales down 19-storey building to escape fire

A man could be seen scaling down a 19-story apartment building in Philadelphia on Thursday night as a fire blazed inside the structure.

The fire at the Holden Tower apparently began in a trash chute about 9:30 p.m. Thursday, causing flames to shoot out and spread heavy smoke to all floors of the building. First responders said the fire had originated in the trash chute from the third floor down.

It was reported that many apartment dwellers with mobility issues were carried out.

The building was evacuated and some of the residents have not been accounted for.

Emergency responders also went to some individual units to ensure residents there had gotten out safely.

Handhold by handhold, inch by inch, the man climbed down the exterior of the building as a helicopter spotlight lit the way. The authorities declared the fire under control by 10:56 pm.

Officials on the scene told the outlet that sprinklers were active.

Authorities say the injured residents and officers were being treated for smoke inhalation and heat exhaustion. We received calls from our fire communication center and fire department units.

Residents were allowed back inside their homes later in the night.

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