Microsoft releases a Windows 1.11 app for those feeling nostalgic

Microsoft releases a Windows 1.11 app for those feeling nostalgic

Microsoft releases a Windows 1.11 app for those feeling nostalgic

The news of this issue comes as Microsoft has just announced what's coming next to its Windows 10 software. A new Windows 1.11 app briefly appeared over the weekend before being withdrawn, and it's now back up and available for anyone to download.

If you were one of the many people confused and curious about Microsoft's apparent time-traveling social media blitz last week, wonder no more.

First off, rest easy friends: this is a spoiler-free zone.

The Verge noted that there are no Microsoft references or Windows PC appearances in the third season of Stranger Things. Really, it's just a rabbit-hole of Stranger Things fan-fodder wrapped in a glitchy, nostalgic Windows package.

Every click results in a visual feast that can only be described as watching the Upside Down infiltrate your computer.

An adaptation of Windows 1, Windows 1.11 is an entertainment app where users have to follow the links in an upside down universe to move forward.

There are little secrets like Paint, games, and more to discover using this app, and that's not the only way that Microsoft is getting involved with the show, as you can find out more about winning an Xbox One X console via a Camp Know Where workshop here.

"Stranger Things" star Caleb McLaughlin and the "Stranger Things 3 Collectible Arcade Cabinet".

Rather than aggressively making you play reversi, this app is actually a portal for all things Stranger Things and includes games based around the current season, many disgused as original Windows apps. It's a retro-inspired title that supports two-player local co-op, so it's definitely worth checking out with your favorite fellow ST fan after you're all caught up. The Strange-ify Your World class sees participants creating a story about teamwork and friendship, before playing with Mixed Reality to immerse themselves into the world of Stranger Things to present their own Stranger Things-inspired mini movie with 3D models, Windows Ink, special effects, and a soundtrack.

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