New MacBook Air Gets True Tone Display Technology, Priced at $1,099

Apple Kills Off the Last Non-Touchbar MacBook Pros, Discounts MacBook Air

Early Prime Day Deal: New MacBook Air Now $999

Apple's new MacBook Pro, which now comes with a Touch Bar (previously, a version without a Touch Bar was still an option) features an Intel Core i5-8257U processor, a custom variation of its Core i5-8250U processor designed exclusively for Apple.

"With a lower student price for MacBook Air and the updated 13-inch MacBook Pro with faster performance, Touch Bar and Touch ID at a lower price for students, there's never been a better time to bring a Mac to college".

The 13-inch MacBook Pro takes the position of Apple's entry-level Pro model, with new 8th-generation Intel quad-core processors under the hood. For more processor-intensive tasks like video editing or gaming, get a MacBook Pro.

The 2019 base MacBook Pro averages a single-core score and a multi-core score of 4,341 and 9,084, respectively.

Now that the MacBook and previous-gen MacBook Air have been eliminated from Apple's lineup, the new MacBook Air is Apple's entry-level machine. The new model managed a single core score of 4,639 and a multi-core score of 16,665. The 15W chip is part of the Coffee Lake family and has a max Turbo Boost frequency of up to 3.9GHz.

Before Apple drops macOS Catalina, the company announced it has updated its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro with new hardware and even a price cut, right on time for back-to-school season. It has notably more powerful processor than quad-core Intel Core i5 processor. Benchmarks results show an 83% increase in speed, but performance-wise, it could be different in real-world usage. The lowest-priced variant is at $1,299 or $1,199 for students.

This laptop will keep up with you as it has up to 12 hours of battery life on a charge. The price for the air is also being lowered to $1,099 ($999 if you're a college student).

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