New Switch model announced with a massive battery life increase

Nintendo Switch Getting Revision With Up to 9 Hours Battery Life

New Switch model announced with a massive battery life increase

It has been described as a hardware revision and not an enhancement in the way that the PS4 Pro is. With that, the Switch even surpassed the sales of the Nintendo 64 game console. The Switch Lite is smaller and lighter making it easier to carry around, but its battery life tops out at seven hours, two hours less than the new Switch. A more specific release date has not been disclosed. The video in question touches many other points, such as possible extended customization of Link at the level of attire and armor, and is that 47 minutes of analysis undoubtedly give much. The portable-focused Lite console meanwhile is priced at $199.99. We don't know the process node Mariko is built on, but there's some evidence it may be capable of a higher clock speed than its predecessor. Rumors and FCC filings had suggested Nintendo was revamping the Switch's Nvidia Tegra X1 processor. Just improving battery life, however, may not have been enough of an upgrade for the company to feel like an entirely new higher-end product was warranted. Earlier this month, the company introduced a Switch Lite model that's all about mobile gameplay.

How long is the battery life?

And the upgraded Switch model will let you play Breath of the Wild for around 5.5 hours.

The better battery life certainly makes the Switch a more enticing purchase, and renders the choice of a Switch or Switch Lite more hard. The easiest way to tell is the packaging. You can check out a full comparison between console models on Nintendo's official website. When it drops, it will be recognizable by its serial number, which will begin with "XKW" rather than the original model's "XAW".

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