Over 370000 sign petition to release rapper A$AP Rocky

Shawn Mendes supports A$AP Rocky

Shawn stands with Rocky. Shawn Mendes Twitter

The conflicting statement comes days after TMZ reported that the Swedish jail where Rocky is being held has "shocking inhumane conditions". "It is not a fair process", the congressman said in a statement to The Associated Press.

Ehmann claims Rocky has been forced to put up with "inhumane" and "unsanitary" conditions while behind bars, but the prison's governor, Fredrik Wallin, insists there is no truth to the allegations, declaring the facility is clean and newly-renovated. "We at [National Action Network] are appealing directly to the Swedish authorities for complete transparency and ASAP's swift return home".

A$AP Rocky has been relegated to sleeping on a yoga mat, and has not been given any blankets, sources told the outlet. Furthermore, insiders claimed there is a prisoner in the cell next to Rocky's who has "severe mental issues who slams his head against the concrete wall and hurls feces every which way". Although it's unclear from the information provided about how the situation ended, Rocky posted a two-part video recording of the incident.

On July 10, Espaillat wrote several letters to the U.S. State Department, U.S. Embassy in Sweden, and the Swedish Ambassador in Washington, saying Rocky is innocent, as he pleaded for the rapper to be served justice.

The video shows Rocky speaking with some men outside of a restaurant, and witnesses say that the men accused the rapper of breaking their headphones.

According to reports made by TMZ.com, ASAP Rocky is being held in a prison where the food is "inedible" and the prison itself is "disease-ridden".

We hope Rocky gets out of the hell he has been caged in and we hope to see him rapping around the stage with a mic in hands soon. If this is a violation of the Vienna Convention, he can not judge. They were ultimately ordered to be kept in detention during a mandatory two-week investigation.

After the conclusion of an investigation that could take two weeks, it will be determined if Rocky will face charges and have to go to trial.

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